Video Marketing Quiz

Does Your Small Business Need Video Marketing?

Does your small business need video marketing?

Video Marketing is a growing topic in small business marketing circles. But does your small business really need to use video?

We’re here to help! This 9 questions quiz will help you discover whether or not your business can benefit from video marketing.

Yes! Your small business needs video marketing.

You're potential customers are avid internet searchers, social media users, and YouTube viewers. You can use video to connect with them in a more engaging way.

Video Marketing can also help you to...
  • establish yourself as a leader or expert in your business niche,
  • create stronger bonds with your current and potential customers,
  • show up better in search results (through using YouTube),
  • educate your potential customers how to use and be successful with your product or service, and
  • stand out from your competitors

Jump start your video marketing skills with this free Video Marketing Course for Beginners. This 5-part video series will take you from zero to knowing exactly how you can start using video to grow your business online.

No, you might not need video marketing yet.

Your potential customers are not currently avid internet searchers, social media users or YouTube viewers. Video marketing does not seem to be inline with your business goals.

You don't want to stand out from your competitors, be a leader or expert in your business space, show up better in search results, or find new customers.

But pay attention because customer behaviors and business goals change. Video's popularity is growing and small companies not using it will get left behind. So go bookmark this free Video Marketing Course for Beginners. It'll be there waiting for you when you're ready.

Do you want more customers?

Yes, of course I want more customers.

No, I have enough customers.

Do your customers own computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones?

Most of these.

At least 1 of these.

None of these.

Do your customers regularly use internet search, social media, or YouTube?




I'm not sure.

Do you rely on online marketing channels (website, blog posts, social media, etc) to find new customers?

Yes, I rely on online channels a lot.

Yes, but only a little bit.

Not yet, but I should.

No, and I don't need online channels.

How effective are your current online marketing channels like social media, blogging, and websites?

Very effective. I gain lots of new customers through online channels.

Not very effective. I don’t gain many customers through online channels.

I’m not sure how effective my online channels are.

I don't rely on online marketing channels.

Do you want to create stronger relationships with current and potential customers?

Yes, stronger relationships equals more loyalty.

No, I don't care about having strong customer relationships.

Would you like to show up better in search engine results pages (SERP)?

Yes, I’m not ranking as high as I would like.

No, I’m already on the first page of search engine results pages.

No, I’m not interested in ranking in search.

Would you like to be seen as a leader or expert in your business niche?

Absolutely! I want to be the go-to business in my industry.

No, I prefer to be unknown in my industry

Do your competitors use video?